This is a team challenge because almost every serious engineering project requires the contributions of more than one individual in order to be successful. Learning to work in a team and potentially win at  something together will serve you well in life. So get together with at least one other person to collaborate in your project.

Also it will be helpful to have a support person for your team such as a teacher or other mentor. If you don’t have one we can connect you with student coaching and mentoring by one on our team of IEEE Student Members or other volunteers.

How to participate and important deadlines:

  1. Form a team of two to four participants.
  2. Pick a topic (see list here) & compose an abstract for your project.

Your abstract, up to two pages (500 to 700 words), in PDF format describes your project and includes the author names, their school and contact details. It should identify the problem you hope to solve or the hypothesis you will investigate. Briefly describe you approach to investigating the problem and perhaps some of the most important issues or variables. Mention what results and answers you hope to determine by your work and how they might impact the world if you are successful.

A sample College level application is shown here:

  1. Register at this site and submit your abstract for the event by the abstract submission deadline, 2/28/2024. Use form below. There is no submission fee. Applicants will be notified of the acceptance of their abstract submission by 3/30/2024. Presentations are due on 5/31/2024

Terms and Conditions Regarding Submissions:

  1. Poster authors must be high school or undergraduate students at the time of submission and may be members of a team comprising of up to four students.
  2. The poster should be fully the work of the student or students.
  3. The poster abstract should not be previously published or presented at another conference which has assigned copyright. If any plagiarism or copyright issues are found for the abstract, it will not be accepted.
  4. Poster abstracts must be submitted by the deadline. Abstracts submitted afterward will not be considered for evaluation.
  5. The organizing/review committee of the IEEE Student Engineering Team Challenge reserves the right to accept or reject any abstract without assigning any reason.
  6. Prizes cannot be awarded to students in any country under US sanction. 

Poster presentations will be due on or before 5/31/2024 and be in the form of a poster in PDF format and a short video, using for example, a few PowerPoint slides.