IEEE Student Engineering Team Challenge 2021 Topics

  1. Sustainability Technology
    1. Renewable and Alternative Energy
    2. Smart Grid
    3. Water Resources
    4. Ocean and Air Waste and Pollution
    5. Societal Implications and Quality of Life
  2. Robotics Technology
    1. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
    2. Soft Robotics
    3. Other Robotics
  3. Science and Health Technology
    1. Physics
    2. Biology
    3. Chemistry
    4. Health Related
  4. Multidisciplinary Technologies
    1. Combinations of Science and Engineering
    2. Semiconductor and RF/microwave devices
    3. Sensors for security  applications
    4. 3D printing – Suggested application: Use 3D printed piezo-electric material in some way.
    5. Thermoelectrics – Suggested application: Use electricity generated by temperature difference or use electricity to generate a temperature difference.
  5. Topics with Startup and Follow up Materials. These topics offer special help before you start. If you win you get to take it home and complete your project.
    1. Raspberry Pi Projects
    2. PurpleAir PAll Low Cost Air Quality Sensor
    3. Robots
    4. Thermoelectrics

Resources for you to explore to get ideas, training about possible topics, and possibly key components for a project: See the PROJECTS RESOURCES page.