Project Application period is closed. Project Completion and Video Submission must be by 5/26/2023.

Project and Poster Presentation poster will now be provided in PDF format for the presentation along with up to a 10-minute presentation. Contestants are asked to prepare a short video describing their project and their work which the judges will view, along with the related PDF, and then decide which presentation will be presented with the available awards. Please provide your submissions by 5/26/2023.

Include one author’s name in the file names so we can sort them out easier.

The form below does not accept .mp4 files so please submit them along with the related PDF file at the Google Drive link that you were sent if you applied. Include one author’s name in the file name so we can sort them out easier.

Prizes: Cash prizes will be awarded for first, second and third places as determined by the judges. First place $400; second $250; third $100. Information on the winners will be posted on the SETC and IEEE Region 6 websites. Prizes will be awarded in several categories depending on the submitted topics and the judges discretion.